Sunday, December 1, 2019

My Lake experience Essays - Central Park, The Ramble And Lake, Tree

My Lake experience A quaint aroma of pure harmony and happiness is abroad the marvelous lake designed by years of change. It is a therapeutic retreat hidden from the world we entertain. Soft winds caress your neck as one nears the out-lying woods that surround this satisfaction achieved dwelling. As soon as the beautiful trees with fall colors start to dispel their leaves, it is as if a blanket is covering the forest for a nice nap. There is a road with winding turns, telescopic mountain passageways, and marvelous tunnels to enter the lake. Mirroring the gates of heaven, this is by far the closest thing on earth one will find near that sensation. After the passageway of parade-inspiring colors, one finds the opening to euphoria. It instantly allows someone to see slow sloping depressions covered by tanzanite colored water, neighboring a cunning mountainside that shields the relaxation depot from harmful advances of natures? might. The water is as still as a cell phone when it is turned off. The air is fragrant with honeysuckles, pine, and grass. For some un-answerable reason, one feels that a whisper tone is mandatory to maintain the perfect cohesion with the outdoor temple. Vegetation is all along the bank with fruit producing vines in astonishing numbers. Birds are flying making their presence known by beautiful songs. Squirrels are running abroad looking for acorns, and the trees feel nice enough to share. Hummingbirds are hovering consistently over the honeysuckle bushes. Woodpeckers are knocking out a tune in stereo surround sound. A simple toss of nutrients into the water brings groups of fish giving their salutations. Towards the dock floats a boat. This is not the everyday boat you expect, but a silent eco-friendly boat, controlled and powered by man. To aid in the tranquility a shade is atop the marvel of water floatation. This allows endless hours of seeking life?s most treasured views. One is be reminded of the outside looking in quote, but now you are on the inside lo oking out. As one treads atop the tanzanite liquid and hears the ripples made from the boat amplify, a smile is impossible to resist. The baitfish swim in schools of hundreds passing the boat, wondering what purpose this shade maker serves. In the background, calls of the wild come from animals of all sorts. Toward the shore, bullfrogs are croaking a tune similar to the famous frogs on the Budweiser commercial. Just above the waters limits are thick blades of Johnson grass coloring the earth where leaves have not yet landed. These blades of grass make a carpet to walk on. The grass seems like a neon light around the shore of the entire lake. From the rock-insulated mountains, a creek sends a soft harmonious tone. This clear mountain spring maintains the lake?s boundaries. Atop the earth created mountains, snow is visible and cascading down nearly half the total elevation. Trees tower from the lower half and ascend to meet the snow. The clouds are in a cumulus state throughout the se asons. The formations of the clouds seem to split and pass around the retreat, like a thick fog around a moving vehicle. Often you can see a rainbow stretching across the sky as water turns to vapor by the suns solar rays. About 50 feet from shore lays a structure. This cute, sturdy, and functional erection of human designated timber and earth house a small den, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The dream house of an outdoor enthusiast allows for a deep and restful sleep. The front deck has two rocking chairs and a small table. The chairs are made from the trees and hand-carved to hold you in comfort. Once atop the deck over looking the picture most dreams about, one will forget worries, troubles, and fears. The oasis of comfort is truly heaven sent. This almost perfect lake does pose a catch. The return to everyday life is waiting outside the entrance. Sent from my iPad

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